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These courses consist of 120 lesson periods and are taught on a yearly basis (1 class/week) and thus offer plenty of opportunity to practise the various skills..

This track aims at people who are willing to take the time to develop a strong basis for future learning and welcome plenty of practice in class.


This track allows you to learn quickly, condensing the content of 120 lesson periods into 70 lesson periods in one semester (1 class/week).

If you opt for this track you will have to invest more time outside class sessions to consolidate what you learn in class.

Some fast courses have 6,66 or 14,2% distance learning. This means that every week you spend approximately 15 or 33 minutes, respectively, at home on exercises or tasks on the learning platform. This makes it possible to shorten the lesson time and evening classes run until 21:30 instead of 22:00.

The learning platform indicates what is expected of you and how much time this will take on average.

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