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About CLT

At CLT every year over 7,000 students from different nationalities gather to develop and perfect their language skills. Each of you has their own reason for studying a language. Whatever your motivation, you will meet a professional team committed to delivering a successful and engaging project to improve your language skills, as well as an enjoyable learning experience. We are looking forward to having you with us.

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What we have in STORE for you

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Learning is at the heart of our organization. It is not only our students who are dedicated to lifelong learning. Our teachers incessantly strive for a higher level of professionalism in search of effective methods for language teaching and learning. Our approach is aimed at creating fascinating, dynamic moments and at stimulating you to execute challenging linguistic assignments from which you learn more than merely a language.

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Our diverse team reflects the diversity of our students and of society in general. It is in the cooperation and cross-pollination between all stakeholders – teachers, departments, students and external partners – that ‘learning’ takes place. Together we are stronger. We share the same objectives, with respect for both individuality and diversity. Our solidarity is inspiring.

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We talk, listen and interact respectfully. We embrace diversity as the driving force of learning. Engaging in dialogue with other points of view enables us to broaden our minds and experiences. We have a keen eye for evolutions in society that entail different (linguistic) needs. We are sufficiently critical of our project and actively search for new ways to improve and develop it.

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We are inventive and innovative with regard to our approach and the use of technology. In an ever-changing world we create for both teachers and students an inspiring and encouraging climate that incites them to permanently develop themselves and to try out new things; a climate that prepares today’s people for tomorrow’s needs, in a way that is pleasant as well as effective.

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We are a team of energetic, highly motivated teachers. Our passion for languages, culture, learning and coaching is contagious. Everyone is involved and draws their satisfaction from moving along the same road and growing together. An atmosphere of well-being, involvement and inspiration leads to better learning outcomes.

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Our Team

The CLT team counts more than 135 passionate staff members and together with students and external partners we build and maintain a strong brand for ‘language learning’. What language skills do our students need to meet the requirements of an increasingly globalized world today and tomorrow? How do we teach those skills in the most efficient and effective way? How can we support our students not only in their learning process but also administratively and technologically? These are some of the questions that preoccupy the CLT team daily. Therefore, we are constantly exploring new didactic approaches and ways to inspire adult learning. The diversity of our audience and of society is echoed in our very diverse team. Everyone brings his or her own culture and talents to the CLT project, and shares expertise and experiences. Ultimately, it is the very enthusiastic testimonies of colleagues about class successes that fuel change and innovation. In a constantly changing world CLT tries to create both for its teachers and students a culture that inspires and encourages the exploration of new learning horizons, thus gearing us up to meet the changing imperatives of time.

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Our board members

  • Bart Raymaekers|President
  • Maryse Boufflette|Secretary
  • Frank Baert
  • Tine Baelmans
  • Bert Demarsin
  • Paul De Somer
  • Michael Goethals
  • Els Heylen
  • Guido Langouche
  • Reine Meylaerts
  • Jan Schrijnemakers
  • Willy Vande Walle
  • Marc Vandewalle

Our management team

  • Maryse Boufflette|Director
  • Katrien Delanghe
  • Kris Donvil
  • Paul Goossens
  • Liesbeth Plateau
  • Marleen Vanderheiden
  • Ann Van Den Bossche
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Our Students

CLT is a fascinating, multicultural environment. Not only is it a centre where you can learn 23 languages, it is also a place where you meet people from all over the world. Did you know that we count no less than 100 nationalities? They are all people with their individual stories, connected by the desire to learn another language.


Georges Anthoon

Spanish 100% online

Learning a language online -in a FAST track- seemed a challenge at the start, because we have always been used to face-to-face learning together. But this innovative concept soon proved to be effective. Obviously, it requires more self-discipline from the student, but gradually everyone started to support each other nicely.

Our teacher was a great support who always brought a lot of variation through group work, talking in small groups, watching videos, ... All means were used to provide a great variety of learning methods. After class we received an email with extra material and extra assignments and exercises.

Result? In 3 months, my knowledge of Spanish increased enormously, to the extent that everyone in my area was "impressed" with the progress in such a short time. I can recommend this online FAST program to everyone. However, one warning: discipline, regular study and persistence remain the message. No sweat no glory!


Giovanna Farro


What I appreciate most about CLT's approach, is the interaction during the lesson. Our teachers ensure students engage with each other. In this way, we truly participate in the lesson and overcome barriers to express ourselves in another language. For me, that is the essence of language learning. It is also the main reason why I chose to study English and French. These languages are the key to communicate with other people and to discover new worlds.


Godelief Ginneberge


Blended learning is great. Every two weeks our class gets together. This is the moment we practise what we studied through distance learning and when our teacher takes time to give us feedback. For me, these learning moments are very valuable. They tell me on which areas I have to focus and give me insights into how I can continue to progress. This type of feedback, along with the fun interaction in the classroom are for me the two main reasons why I enjoy my time at CLT to the full.

foto voor getuigenis.jpg

Tanmay Sinha


What I really like about the approach of the CLT is that the teacher always speaks the target language. It takes some getting used to at first, but after a while you understand it better. An advantage of the many interactions in the classroom is that you can talk a lot with other students in a language that we are all learning and that connects us all. So you not only learn the language under expert guidance, but you also make new friends.

lucdewachter (Mobile).jpg

Luc Dewachter


Words, their meaning and etymological background have always fascinated me. Words are so much more than just words. Together they form a language and languages form the key to different cultures. The fact that I've followed several languages at CLT, shows that I have a great love for languages but also indicates that I appreciate the student-centered and quality-oriented approach of this language centre. Here languages are truly alive! The level is high but our teachers are always ready to guide us and to help us cross the finish line. No wonder students experience this centre as a motivating learning environment.


Hilde Goedgezelschap

German/Spanish 100% online

For a long time I dreamed of taking classes at CLT. However, the distance from my hometown to Leuven was an unbridgeable handicap. Fortunately, in the summer of 2020, I discovered the new range of courses 100% online.

The combination of high-quality education and a dynamic and interactive way of teaching is a fantastic experience. The emphasis during the lessons is on "speaking", often in small chat rooms. In this way you not only overcome the initial fear of the threshold, but you also get to know your fellow students well. Despite the physical distance, we feel like a "tight" group. This is thanks to the wonderful teachers and is very motivating.

In short: I can only recommend studying languages ​​at CLT!


Annemie Van Winckel

Swedish/Summer course French

Sometimes I think I was a Viking in my previous life. Not only do I love the Swedish language, I am also fond of the Swedish no-nonsense culture. No wonder I truly enjoy the classes. We learn to speak Swedish so we don't feel inhibited to start a conversation when we are in Sweden. Our teacher also introduces us into a number of Swedish habits. Such as the Fika - this is the name for a Swedish snack with coffee and cake - and the Christmas and St. Lucia tradition.


Ann Fontaine


To express yourself as clearly as possible with as few words as possible: this is how I view the essence of the Swedish language. Their concise way of communicating fascinates me. The most striking feature of the CLT approach is their focus on communication. In class, we obviously also pay attention to vocabulary and grammar. We do this while we are talking, listening and reading. Learning a language can be fun indeed.

andresfrancomorales (Mobile).jpg

Andres Franco Morales


Even as a little boy I was fascinated by the English language. Translating English songs was something I loved to do. Attracted by the elegance of the English language, I wanted to master it in the most perfect manner. CLT has proven to be the ideal place for me to achieve this goal. I learn to speak English at a high level and at a very democratic price. We learn very typical English expressions which make us sound like a real native speaker. And you know what: it makes me happy.

Pamela (Mobile).jpg

Tse Pui Yin


If you are interested in studying a language, I recommend CLT. The quality of training you receive, is very high. Our teachers challenge you to constantly improve your language skills. Even the exams are an enriching experience. They are more than a formality. They are an interesting exercise targeted at improving your knowledge of the language.

I enjoy the combination of achieving high standards and having a good time in a relaxing atmosphere. Recently we celebrated a student's birthday with a chocolate fondue. That was real fun!

marcdeldime (Mobile).jpg

Marc Deldime

English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish

Quality is CLT's benchmark. This is especially true for the way languages are taught, for the language lab where you learn the language in its most authentic form and for the online learning methods which are being used. I find e-learning very useful. It means that, even after the lesson, I can continue to improve my language skills. In other words, the course doesn't stop when I leave the classroom. I can also work from home on becoming more proficient in the target language.

Our teacher does more than just teaching. She transmits her love of the language. Recently our class organised a Swedish midsummer celebration. This type of participation is not only fun but also ensures our Swedish language skills rapidly improve.


Rebeca Casado


I came to Belgium because of the language variety. I think there is no better way to learn about a country than while in the country itself. We learn a lot in class. Our teacher is passionate about her profession. I would really like to learn more about Belgium and I am already looking forward to studying the other national languages ​​in CLT.

bernadettegeutjens (Mobile).jpg

Bernadette Geutjens

German, English, French, Japanese, Spanish

More than 30 years ago I started my first language course at CLT. I immediately liked their dynamic way of teaching. The instructors keep you constantly involved in the course. This type of participation makes the lessons very interactive and at the same time it makes you practise the language.

As a city guide I find it pleasant to communicate with people in their language. It is something which city visitors appreciate and which gives me a special kind of satisfaction and desire to continue to study new languages. Do I intend to learn a new language? As long as I can continue to apply the language in practice, my answer to that question is a resounding "yes". It makes my job all the more interesting.

hannelorevandenbergh (Mobile).jpg

Hannelore Van den Bergh

Arabic, Chinese, Greek

Words which come to mind when I think about CLT are "cool school" and "high level". The teachers are super. They know how to motivate you and how to keep you actively involved during the lessons.

By doing so, you remain focused and you pick up a lot already during the course. We often start from real life situations. They offer the advantage of approaching all kinds of topics not from a theoretical but practical point of view. And the best way to learn a language is to speak it. In the language lab you do all sorts of exercises. They help you pronounce the language in a way native speakers do. I would recommend this method together with CLT's general approach to anyone who wants to learn a new language.

iniavaneekelen (Mobile).jpg

Inia Van Eekelen


Thanks to the flexibility of the "Combined Learning" formula I can study a large part of the course from home. This allows me to learn at my own pace and at times which are convenient for me. As a result, I can perfectly combine my language course and my job.

The teachers are very accessible. Even if you learn from home, they remain approachable and continue to give constructive feedback. You feel supported even though you are communicating with them remotedly.

What I like about this center, is that age doesn't matter. Whether you are in your twenties, forties or sixties makes no difference. As a matter of fact, I am personally convinced that learning a language keeps you young.

michaelvancampenhout (Mobile).jpg

Michael Van Campenhout


Thanks to the exercises in the language lab my knowledge of Hungarian has rapidly evolved. In the lab you put on your headphones and listen to native speakers. This method helps you make your pronunciation sound as natural as possible.

Learning Hungarian is more than learning Hungarian words. We mainly learn how to speak this language. As a result, the lessons are anything but boring. It strikes me every time again how our teacher succeeds in getting us to participate in the course. The result of this participative method is that I have become more self-confident when it comes to speaking Hungarian. Where I used to be hesitant about approaching someone in Hungarian, I now feel confident to do so.

Our partners

KU Leuven

With KU Leuven as a partner we are in perfect company to offer language training of the highest level. Furthermore, this partnership challenges us to push our limits and to continuously explore new horizons.

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KU Leuven’s Leuven Language Institute provides language services and coaching to various faculties and institutes.

Go to website


UCLL offers graduates, professional bachelor's programs and bachelor-after-bachelor's programs at 8 campuses in Limburg and Flemish Brabant. It is one of the largest higher education institutions in Flanders. CLT has several structural collaboration projects with UCLL: a French course for BALO students and C1 courses for lecturers and CLIL teachers.

Go to website

City of Leuven

Our offices and classrooms are located in the center of Leuven, within walking distance of the station. We are therefore part of SOM (Samen Onderwijs Maken), a network that unites the city of Leuven and all Leuven education providers and supporters on innovation in education. The City of Leuven, together with OCMW Leuven, also coordinates the integrated process for newcomers in which the CLT is a permanent partner for the NT2 component.

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Leuven Mindgate

Our region has an exceptionally strong forefront in health, high-tech and creativity. By using these traits, Leuven MindGate wants to position the Leuven region internationally as one of the best regions in the world to study, work and live. At the same time we improve what we already have: a unique ecosystem and a perfect breeding ground for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and international talent.

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CVO Lethas

CVO Lethas is the largest CVO in the heart of Brussels. CVO Lethas offers courses for NT2, French, English, ICT and Second Chance Education. Together we want to focus on sharing expertise about language didactics, professionalization, coaching, quality assurance, counseling and student administration.

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Cinema ZED

Cinema ZED is a cinema theatre that is situated in arts centre STUK (Naamsestraat) and in the Vesaliussite (Vesaliusstraat), near CLT. Every month it presents an extraordinarily diverse mix of films. Ranging from current thematic series and outstanding recent releases to film classics, short films, documentaries and films with a live music score, nothing is off limits. Its main focus is on films from the non-commercial circuit.

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Davidsfonds gathers adults and children with a love for culture. Together they live the language, history, heritage and art in Flanders and Brussels. Are you keen on discovering the rich culture on offer in your region? Davidsfonds offers you reduced prices on their own events and activities, as well as on those of major cultural institutions.

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Teach The Teachers

Teach the Teachers is a non-profit initiative that aims to positively impact development areas and especially their youth, by teaching and promoting the English language. They want to reach this goal by educating the local teachers and stressing the importance of English to the students. Knowledge of English increases their job opportunities, allows for self-development and eventually increases welfare in general. That's why we as CLT are happy to team up with them!

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Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering

The AII helps newcomers in Flanders and Brussels who want to learn Dutch to find the right course and the school best suited to them.

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De Poolse school Leuven

The Polish school Leuven organises conversation classes and cultural activities for students who have obtained level 1.3 at CLT.

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CLT is an NT2 partner for vocational trainings organized on behalf of the VDAB.

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Flanders make

Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry. With offices all over Flanders, Flanders Make stimulates open innovation through high-quality research. Flanders Make is strongly committed to international innovation cooperation and participation in European research projects. CLT is the permanent partner for Flanders Make's NT2 courses.

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OCMW Leuven is the director of an integrated process for newcomers in which the CLT is a permanent partner for the NT2 component.

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CVO Qrios

CLT is the NT2 partner for the vocational training courses of CVO Qrios in Leuven.

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At Acco you will find your study materials and office materials in one place. Acco has three book and office stores in Leuven, Ghent and Antwerp, two campus shops in Heverlee and Kortrijk and several online mini-shops where you can find everything you need.

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Concerts with quality world and folk music in the unique setting of the Merode area. Discount for CLT students.

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Nihao Leuven

Nihao Leuven is a China-Leuven association that aims to reinforce the social cohesion between Chinese people and the inhabitants of Leuven. Through the organisation of cultural festivities, workshops and events with diverse partners both communities meet, discover each other's culture and come to a better understanding. This social-cultural association is recognised by the Diversity Support Service and the Cultural Advisory Council of Leuven.

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AFS Vlaanderen

AFS Intercultural Programs is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

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DIGI-zone Leuven-Noord

DIGI-Zone Leuven-Noord has a free range of services to make sure you have internet and a digital device, the necessary digital skills and a place to ask for help.

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Apart from the employers and construction workers, Constructiv wants to support all stakeholders within the construction sector, such as construction schools, training centers, safety coordinators, architects, jobseekers in construction, etc., as much as possible in terms of employment, education and welfare.

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